Please join us on Saturday, November 10, 2018 @ 4;30 pm Mass to celebrate Miss.
Griffin’s retirement. We will be celebrating Miss. Griffin and her 46 wonderful years of
dedication to St. Gabriel School and the community. There will be a reception following the
Mass in the school hall. Light refreshments will be served.

The following child’s poem written many years ago to express gratitude and feelings of sadness at the retirement
of a dedicated teacher that had devoted many years of their life to the child’s school is
re-created here in honor of Mary Griffin’s contribution at St. Gabriel School as she nurtured
and educated so many children over her forty-six years.
(The original author of this child’s poem is anonymous).

Ms. Griffin,
“Your contribution to our lives
Will never be forgotten
Your love for us all these years
Has spoilt us rotten
Your encouragement all this time
Has kept us motivated
Your cheerful company has
Always kept us satiated
We are sad and grumpy
To see you leave
We wish you a happy retirement
May your life be full of bliss
Congratulations! “