Dear Saint Gabriel  Families, For people going to the sox game, please read the following email from Father Tom Griffin.



White Sox Fire Works


Dear White Sox Fans,

We have some good news and some bad news concerning our outing to Sox Park.  On Friday, May 26th. 

The good news:  Because they could not play their opener due to the weather, Friday’s game will be a double header.  So we will get to see two games and a great fireworks show for our $13 ticket.

The bad news is that this may create a logistics problem in getting everyone to the ball park. Most of our chaperones will be leaving to attend the first game.  We will leave from the rectory by 3:45 to walk to the ball park for the first game.  Some people might not want to stay for both games.  That’s ok.  Father Tom will stay for both games and the fireworks show and will walk everyone home after the fireworks. 

Some people also might not be able to leave with us at 3:45 to get to the park.  If you would like to leave at a different time, please stop by the rectory to pick up your tickets.  You can then meet us at the park whenever you can make it.  When you pick up your tickets, please let my staff know if you will be joining us at 3:45 for the walk to the park.  That way we will know who will be walking together with us. You can pick your tickets up at the rectory from 9:30 to 2:20 Monday through Friday.

Go White Sox!




Father Tom