Technology Initiative 2020


St. Gabriel School will be implementing a new computer plan to bring the school and its students to a fully engaged status with current hardware, software and Archdiocese of Chicago curriculum standards. The implementation of this plan will allow our students to more efficiently accomplish the goals, benchmarks and standards for all academic areas as determined by the Archdiocese and the State of Illinois beginning in the 2017-18 school year.


The first phase in this plan will be putting in place a lease program for the hardware so that every student in pre-school through third grade will have access to their own tablet at school and every student in 4th through 8th grade will have their own laptop to use at school.


Workshops for teachers will be scheduled to maximize the use of the tablets and laptops in the classroom with our curriculum aided by the Google Educational Platform, which will be available to us.  This allows familiarity to be imbedded in staff and students with Google a tool that the Archdiocese uses for numerous academic purposes.  These workshops will also provide information to students as well for using the hardware in accomplishing day-to–day educational tasks.


Funding to support the  “Technology Initiative 2020” will be come from a student fee of $100 ($10 per month), PNC Bank Grant, Annual Alumni Appeal and Special Partners Grants.  The first phase of implementation will begin when school starts in August for 2017-18 school year.  This new plan will allow our students to be at their competitive best academically and St. Gabriel School to be competitive technologically as an educational institution compared to other area schools.  The plan will reinforce the concept that St. Gabriel School is a destination point for academic excellence as well as a strong spiritual program.  There will be more information to come in the weeks ahead regarding other phases of the plan.



Steve Adams